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In the WordPress environment, anybody can install plugins, themes, pre-made templates, etc., and have a website running in minutes. No biggie, just a matter of clicking a few buttons.

I've seen many people who call themselves 'gurus' or 'full-stack developers' taking advantage of that and getting away with it. Sadly, their lack of experience, commitment, and communication skills will significantly limit the potential of any online business.

Would you trust just anybody with your project?

The difference between service providers is always in the details; knowing these details takes experience and a lot of testing. My area of expertise is the 'tech side' of websites, particularly membership sites, and I've been involved in many online projects since I started this journey. But how did it all begin?

"Nothing but a dreamer"

Cesar Pinto - How it all started

I remember those exciting days when I built my first blog (in Blogger). It was about music, chatting, and sharing, and it somehow got famous in a few weeks. Through the embedded chat, I met some people. One of them asked me to build a similar blog for her. So, I did. It was fulfilling to see how happy she was to share her stories and music with the world and connect with her audience. We became great friends, but one day, I didn't hear from her anymore.

A few weeks later, a mutual friend told me she had passed away. She had cancer, and I didn't know. This friend mentioned that she had been thrilled spending her last weeks interacting with the community in her blog. She was doing this from her small room at the hospital.

Shortly after, I left my regular 9-5 engineering job with a few savings and many expectations. I started my web development journey. I figured that if I could help others to connect and interact as I did with her and provide some happiness along the way, it would be worth it.

"Scaling up... only to see the light"

Back in 2005, I used to play Yahoo Hearts all the time. On one of those endless nights, someone from that community mentioned that he needed to create a website for his upcoming venture. He had invested in a couple of trucks and was getting into the moving business. I offered to help and delivered a straightforward but functional website. It was just basic and plain HTML & CSS. He got his first contract in a matter of days, and I felt like the king of the world.

Cesar Pinto - Bitting off more than you can chew

Then someone mentioned something called 'WordPress.' All of a sudden, everything changed. I put all my focus, savings, and energy into learning WordPress. It was growing and changing so fast, new themes and plugins launched every day, and I tried to absorb it all. I spent a lot of time and money on many tools that didn't pay back or deliver as promised.

I got hooked and consumed with learning and expanding my knowledge and business. I was involved in many projects, writing blogs, working as an English-Spanish translator, and trying to learn and experiment with all the tools and technology I could. I was trying to do everything all at once, and that's usually a bad idea. I was a workaholic. The money, on the other hand, was excellent, but I had no life. This work pace started to take its toll on my health, relationships, family, and joy.

"Getting the balance right"

To make a long story short, it took me a while to understand that I needed to narrow my niche and decide on the tools I'd use and master from that point on. I knew in the back of my head that it was the right move, but I was so caught up in the moment that it was hard to pull back and focus.

It wasn't until my wife got pregnant, and more precisely until I looked into my first daughter's eyes for the first time, that I finally understood. Life is not about getting what you want but about getting what you need and loving what you have. I had all I needed right there, holding my first daughter in my arms in the delivery room.

Cesar Pinto - Sharing the knowledge

Why I do what I do

Looking back, something that I would have loved to have when I started (or didn't know what to do) is someone to guide me, tell me what tools to use, and teach me patiently how to use them. Someone who has started from scratch and is in a position to give advice based on his own experience (and not because he read something about it on the internet). An unselfish soul with no objections when sharing everything he learned and continues to learn every day.

How much time, money, and frustrations would that have spared me! Well, sharing the knowledge is what this is all about.

Work Ethic


No gibberish, no lies. Best reputation comes from hundreds of satisfied customers around the world, and under that lens, you can't pretend to be something you are not.


All this effort won't make any sense if it's not good enough to help others. Being successful in helping others has been the driving force to keep going since day one.


Money should not be what drives you. It's collateral. Don't use marketing to pretend to be an expert or promising results: you get there with hard work and consistency.


There has to be joy in whatever it is that you do. Personal satisfaction will always beat profit in the long run, although there's no rule against achieving both.

Highest standards. Happiest customers.

Testimonial - Kirk Behrendt


ACT Dental

He changed the game for us...

Cesar is an incredible talent and resource for us! His ability to see the vision of where projects are headed and make them happen is fantastic! We spent years… and wasted a lot of money on people who said they could do a lot when they would end up contributing so little.

Testimonial - Pam Chavez


Health on the Homefront

He came highly recommended...

Cesar blew me away with the membership site he developed for me. I knew I needed tech help but he gave me so much more. Not only is my site aesthetically pleasing, it’s intuitive and I get the best compliments from everyone that sees it.

Some Fun Facts

Cesar Pinto - Kahlua


She's in charge of the security of the business, 24/7.

Cesar Pinto - Yahoo Hearts

Yahoo Hearts

Probably among the top 5 players of all time.

Cesar Pinto - Nada Bueno

Nada Bueno

THE music blog, the first of its kind, still standing.

That Moment

In a cab, about to become parents for the first time.

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