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My working process?

The four steps

1. BASIC UNDERSTANDING - After a few discussions about your goal, we set the first action plan and define the core tools to use.

2. IMPLEMENTATION - Connecting, configuring, and optimizing all the moving pieces ensuring they "talk" to each other as expected.

Suppose there's a question or something that needs explanation. In that case, I will record downloadable video tutorials for further reference, and they will remain in the private Slack channel created for the project.

3. TESTING - Before delivery, time to run a few final tests and double-check that everything works flawlessly.

4. COMMUNICATION - Availability by email and Slack at all times: this will allow you or your team to ask (and see) how things are going and for me to take your feedback & suggestions into consideration (and tailor things accordingly if needed).

Working with someone experienced in developing these types of projects minimizes the risk inherent to any business purchase. On top of that, just like in every other project, I offer a 'no-questions-asked' full refund if you are unsatisfied with the outcome.

After delivering the project, I offer two weeks of full support at no cost. Passed this time, you can keep me around for optimization, new features implementation, consulting, help, etc., by joining my 'tech peace of mind' monthly plan.

How can we chat in Slack? And why should we?

If you already have a Slack account, please click on this link and send me a message when you get to the private channel.
If you have not used Slack before:
- Click on the link anyway.
- Use your Gmail account (preferred) to access.
- Click on the 'Create Account' button.
- Send me a message by clicking on my name.

For me, the main reason for using Slack is that everything is safe and available to check out (conversations, assets, files, etc.) anytime. Their free tier is usually enough, and I'd recommend getting both the desktop and mobile versions.

How much do you charge?

There's not one single answer to this question. Every project is unique and quoted based on its requirements. To give you a fair quote, we need to get in touch and discuss these requirements first. I don't bill by the hour, nor do I recommend clients enter a technical project based on paying an hourly rate (don't sign up for a project where the final price is unknown or keeps increasing.)

How long does it usually take you to complete and deliver a project?

It depends on the type of task or project. On average, my turnaround is 12-48 hours for full development projects, but the pace is determined by how much input the clients can provide about what they want.

What do you need from me to provide a quote or start working?

A description (as detailed as possible) will be crucial to define a plan of action and the right tools for your project or if the ones you already selected are the right ones.

Does my current site need to be offline while you are working?

Absolutely not.

What if I have some questions while you're working on the project?

I will record downloadable video tutorials addressing them for further reference. They will remain in the private Slack channel created for the project so you or your team can come back to them when needed.

Do you exclusively work with the tools mentioning in this site?

Yes and no. Although I have experience working with other tools, I primarily work with those mentioned on this page.

Are there other costs involved besides your fee?

Only the ones related to the tools you need to purchase (and, in the future, renew) to develop/grow your project, although becoming my client means you can use some of them for free under my developer license.

Don't you stick around for a bit after delivering a project?

I do. I'll be beside you for two weeks after the project is delivered to answer all your questions and record tutorials explaining anything you want to know.

Do you have a 'demo' of your work?

Yes, of course, I have a few of them. Reach out if you want to take a look - it might give you some ideas.

Can you replicate the looks and functionality of another site?

Probably, but odds are you'd need the help of a developer proficient in coding (PHP, javascript, etc., someone who could alter/extend the way the theme works), which, I'm not anymore.

Can I get one-on-one help and support for my project?

Sure thing. My famous 'Tech Peace of Mind' monthly plan is available for you to join anytime. It's not for everyone, and slots aren't always available, but it might fit your needs perfectly. I also work on a task basis if the monthly plan is not for you.

Can I take the monthly support option for just one month?

Due to its nature, the minimum commitment is three months, but let's get in touch and discuss your particular needs. I'm sure we can come to a solution.

Do you offer optimization services? My site takes too long to fully load

I do. Optimization is one of my priorities on every project I take. Note that speed mainly depends on your hosting package, so please choose a good one (some ideas here.)

I don't have any experience when it comes to websites. Will you still help me?

Of course! All you need is an idea of what you want to do online. We'll work together to bring your vision to life if you can envision it, and you'll learn how it all works while moving forward.

What if I need help on my site down the road?

Just get in touch. I'm only a message away via Slack or email (timezone: Central Time | EST-1 | GMT-5 | BST-6), or you can fill out this contact form first if you like.

Highest standards. Happiest customers.

Testimonial - Jennifer Beadles


Agents Invest

He offered solutions that we wouldn't have considered...

Cesar went above and beyond for us. I'm so impressed by his knowledge in the area of memberships. We initially hired him for a one-time tech fix and decided to go with his monthly plan for on-going support, and I'm so glad we did.

Testimonial - Myron Kirby- Myron Kirby


K5 Education

He will be there when you need him...

He has impressed me by partnering up with me to implement my concepts by using the considerable and broad expertise that he has. He not only thinks through my requests, but he also suggests many things that I have not considered. He has been very responsive to my requests or problems. He takes ownership in what he does.

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