The ‘Tech Stack’

Just do it or do it right?

The latter, of course, but how? There are so many options and misinformation that choosing the right tools and software for your project isn't simple.

I'm listing below some of the tools I work with and recommend - You don't need to use them all (just a few ones depending on your requirements.) You also don't need to change your current stack (unless you want to.) If you're unsure and have some questions, happy to try to point you in the right direction.

The Basics


You can't go wrong using either Name or Namecheap - choosing one or the other depends on the extension (.com, .us, .work, etc.) you're looking for.


I recommend SiteGround (GoGeek plan, very user friendly) or Cloudways (a bit more developer-oriented) because of their features, pricing, and support.

Videos & streaming

Don't host your videos on your site. There are many options these days, and for me, Vimeo is the most cost-effective solution, and Wistia is just the best one around.

Static Content

Amazon S3 is the most used (slightly-techie) option for hosting and securing your photos, docs, etc. is another excellent (more user-friendly) option.



Now that they launched their Theme Builder, you can build any site with their tools (regardless of the type of project, Thrive Architect is a must). More info here.


If your membership is going to be based on courses and lessons, this is the best theme you'll currently find. Mike & Callie are the real deal. More info here.


If I had to mention one more theme for you to consider in your project, it would be Kadence. It's modern, fast, and the possibilities are limitless.



A very powerful and easy-to-use membership plugin that comes with almost everything you need integrated. More info here.


Beautiful & intelligent on-site messages and CTA's for your website to get more leads & customers. More info here.


The best option to integrate your WordPress plugins with leading CRMs and marketing automation platforms. More info here.

Need for Speed?

To optimize the performance of your website, with minimal configuration & instant results, FlyingPress or WP-Rocket.


If you're looking for a simple yet powerful SEO plugin, I'd recommend considering The SEO Framework.

If you want to deliver and track WordPress notification emails reliably, take a look at Postmark.


Active Campaign

For email marketing and marketing automation, regardless of the type of project, you can't go wrong with them. More info here.


If you are looking for a forum to sync with your membership, that looks good and with useful features, this is it. More info here.


Boost customer engagement with personal videos on a simple platform with powerful integrations. More info here.

Thrive Cart

Cart pages, sales funnels, all you need to sell your products, courses, and track your business with ease. More info here.


A very decent option to Zapier. Constantly evolving and adding new integrations. More info here.


No confusing analytics. Map out your funnel on an easy-to-use canvas & watch traffic flow through your funnel. More info here.

There are affiliate links within some of the tools listed above - I will receive a small commission if you click on them and then purchase the product (if you don't want this to happen, please search for them on Google.) I would never recommend something I haven't extensively used. However, please ensure that these tools fit your particular requirements before buying.

Highest standards. Happiest customers.

Testimonial - Pamela Mitchell


The Reinvention Institute

He cares about your business...

Cesar is one of the best developers I've ever worked with, and I've worked with a lot! He's helpful, patient, and an expert on all things related to Thrive Architect. Cesar's contribution goes beyond simply delivering a project; he cares about your business and thinks like a true partner.

Testimonial - Scott Beebe


Business on Purpose

The realization of your vision...

We brought a concept to Cesar and within a very short amount of time he had built the stage for what is the Business On Purpose Roadmap. Cesar works off of principle and thoughtfulness with his end goal being the realization of your vision. This guy is LEGIT!

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