cesar pinto


Focus on growing your online business without worrying about the 'techie stuff.'

cesar pinto


Focus on growing your online business without worrying about the 'techie stuff.'

Testimonial - Natalie Pithers

Natalie Pithers

Genealogy Stories

I highly recommend him

He was a really calm, reassuring voice while I was panicking about something impacting my business.

what do you offer?

Tech peace of mind. Solid foundations and ongoing support for your online project.

strongest suit

Experience and speed of response - within minutes, even if it's just to say, "I can't help you with that."

who is this for?

Anyone interested in having an optimized WP site and offering a great user experience.


Absolutely. I'm a one-person team. No sub-contractors or other people are hired to do the job or offer support.

I'm cesar

"It's overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be"

For an online project to be successful, you only need two things:
1. Providing a solution to a particular problem
2. Telling everybody about it

It'll keep happening. You do market research, validate your idea, set a minimum viable product, etc., and then hit a brick wall regarding the project's development and optimization. You find lots of issues and frustration when you try to do it yourself or hire the wrong person, slowly making you lose a big chunk of that enthusiasm you had at the beginning.

Hundreds of entrepreneurs and businesses have relied on my expertise to help with their online projects' 'tech side' since I started this journey back in 2005. I have a very particular set of skills related to a specific set of tools (more about that here.)

Work Ethic


No gibberish, no lies. Best reputation comes from hundreds of satisfied customers around the world, and under that lens, you can't pretend to be something you are not.


All this effort won't make any sense if it's not good enough to help others. Being successful in helping others has been the driving force to keep going since day one.


Money should not be what drives you. It's collateral. Don't use marketing to pretend to be an expert or promising results: you get there with hard work and consistency.


There has to be joy in whatever it is that you do. Personal satisfaction will always beat profit in the long run, although there's no rule against achieving both.

My famous 'tech peace of mind' plan?

OK, maybe not that famous.
It's not for everyone, and slots aren't always available, but it might fit your needs perfectly.

Tech Peace of Mind plan

It's a monthly subscription, priced differently depending on your particular needs. It's me taking care of everything related to the 'tech side' of your website (updates, dealing with the developers of your 'tech stack,' consultations, Q/A with other members of your team, etc.) and helping you out with the site (landing pages, customization, tweaks, new features, optimizations, etc.)

The plan is not based on the amount of work but on the confidence of having me around. Plus, you can learn how to do all these things with tutorial videos and cancel anytime with a click of a button.

I'm a one-person team, so I take care of everything personally (no sub-contractors or other people hired to do the job or offer support). All the communication occurs in a private Slack channel that you'll own (it's free to you), and everything will be safe there for as long as you need.

Testimonial - St. Elmo Edwards

St. Elmo Edwards

Be Your Number One Fan

You can't lose with him

Cesar is a consummate professional. I appreciate how he took great pleasure in ensuring that my site was awesome.

The Membership Academy

I'm great friends with the founders of the Membership Academy, which I highly recommend you join if you're interested in learning all about membership sites: strategy, marketing, and everything else you might need, and if you want to take the 'tech worries' out of the equation or need help with that along the way, I'm here to help.

Let's have a chat!

I'm just one click away from helping you with the tech of your online project. Fill in the form to share more details about what you need, send an email, or start a direct conversation. Either way, I'd love to chat with you.

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Highest standards. Happiest customers.

Testimonial - Barry Moore


The Active Marketer

He brings a lot of peace of mind

Having Cesar on the team brings a lot of peace of mind. I know that if I need something Cesar will be there with the answer. Everything gets done quickly and gets done right the first time. He is a creative problem solver who makes my life easier.

Testimonial - Suzi Witt


Inside Out Entrepreneur

But for Cesar, I would not be where I am now

His methods are seriously client focused and he has a really commercial outlook. Not only does he do the job but he is happy to FULLY explains how he did it often using a video recording to show me which is so incredibly helpful.

Testimonial - Todd McCarthy


Band Builder Academy

He is the vendor I wish I was for my own clients

Cesar is the vendor I wish I was for my own clients. He sets the gold standard on how to deliver a service with promptness, clarity, and reliability. He's really saved me in some tough spots. Strongly recommended.

Testimonial - Caryn Liles


Canine Education Academy

He always has the answer

Cesar has been instrumental in this journey and I'm not sure I would ever have been as successful without his guidance. He is an incredibly clear communicator and he makes everything stress-free and easy.

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