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development, optimization,

development, optimization,

Focus on growing your online business without worrying about the 'techie stuff.'

Focus on growing your online business without worrying about the 'techie stuff.'

Cesar Pinto - development, optimization, support

Up and running in a matter of hours? You bet!

It'll keep happening. You do some market research, validate your idea, set a minimum viable product and the first sequences right (waitlist, onboarding, etc.), and then hit a brick wall when it comes to the actual development of the site. You find lots of issues and frustration when you try to do it yourself or hire the wrong person, which slowly makes you lose a big chunk of that enthusiasm you had at the beginning. It's overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be.

Cesar Pinto - Problem Solver

Cesar Pinto

Problem Solver

I will partner with you all the way

Solid foundations and support for you to grow (with the suitable theme, plugins, etc.), every moving part customized, optimized, and working as a single unit while offering a great user experience to your audience. 'Tech Peace of mind' is what I have to offer.

Every project I take involves four stages:


After a few discussions about what you want to achieve, we set the first plan of action and define the core tools to be used: here, we need to ask each other all the questions about the project, determine the quote, deadline, etc.


I will create a private Slack channel (that you'll own) for the project: this will allow you and your team to ask (and see) how things are going while moving forward and me to consider any feedback (to tailor things accordingly.)


I will create a Google Sheet to share the login details to all the moving pieces that will connect. While building the site's structure, I'll perform a few tests to ensure they 'talk' to each other as expected.


After the project is delivered, I offer two weeks of full support at no cost. After that, you can keep me around by joining my famous 'Tech Peace of Mind' monthly plan or hiring me on a task basis.

Membership Academy

Please note that my area of expertise is the tech side of regular and membership sites. While I know a few things regarding content creation, promotion, etc., I'm in no position to advise further than what I've gathered from experience working on my projects and with clients over the years.

But not to worry, you being part of the Membership Academy means having a great deal of knowledge from Mike, Callie, and other membership owners, especially when it comes to strategy, marketing, and everything else you might need.

Not having to worry about the 'tech side' of things will allow you to focus precisely on that. So, by the end of the day, you can end up having both a great membership site and a solid marketing strategy.

Like with any business purchase, there's risk attached. However, choosing to work with someone experienced in developing these types of projects and using daily the same tools you're going to use dramatically minimizes the risk: the testimonials from other happy clients and direct recommendations minimize it even more.

Testimonial - Barry Moore

Barry Moore


Having him on the team brings a lot of peace of mind...

Having Cesar on the team brings a lot of peace of mind. I know that if I need something Cesar will be there with the answer. Everything gets done quickly and gets done right the first time.

I love working with Cesar, he is a creative problem solver who makes my life easier.

Testimonio - Pam Chavez

Pam Chavez


He came highly recommended...

Cesar blew me away with the membership site he developed for me. I knew I needed tech help but he gave me so much more. Not only is my site aesthetically pleasing, it’s intuitive and I get the best complements from everyone that sees it.

Cesar came highly recommended by some of the most successful membership site owners and now I know why. I can't wait to work with him again!

Testimonial - Scott Beebe

Scott Beebe


His end goal being the realization of your vision...

Cesar has helped me get my first membership site ready to launch. I thought I knew what I was doing, but Cesar showed me important changes to make in the way I was setting things up. This made big improvements to my site.

Cesar recorded quick videos to help me see exactly what to do. He is super responsive - very quick to get back to me when I had questions. I'm sure I will work with him again on my next project. Highly recommended!

Testimonial - Barbara Heidenreich

Barbara Heidenreich


What a difference he made!...

What a difference Cesar made! Now my site is customized for a user friendly and engaging membership experience. Cesar was fantastic with his step by step instructions, availability and positive approach. Thanks to Cesar, I am proud to have a site with great content delivered in an attractive, easy to use format.

Testimonial - Suzi Witt

Suzi Witt


I would recommend him in an instant...

Cesar is totally awesome to work with….

People like Cesar are rare these days. He is the real deal. He is knowledgeable, easy to work with, fast at replying to emails (and at doing the work). He is also one of the nicest professionals I have worked with. But for Cesar, I would not be where I am now. His methods are seriously client focused and he has a really commercial outlook. Not only does he do the job but he is happy to FULLY explains how he did it often using a video recording to show me which is so incredibly helpful.

I love working with Cesar. I have worked with scores of people over the last 10 years and Cesar is No.1. He is the first person I turn to when I have a techie issue and I need a fast, honest and accurate reply. I would recommend him in an instant and hope I will continue to work with him for all my projects in coming years.

Testimonial - Kirk Behrendt

Kirk Behrendt


He changed the game for us...

Cesar is an incredible talent and resource for us! His ability to see the vision of where projects are headed and make them happen is fantastic! We spent years… and wasted a lot of money on people who said they could do a lot when they would end up contributing so little.

Cesar changed the game for us! Now, with his help, we get more done in one day than we used to get done in a month. We couldn't be more thrilled to call him part of our team! I highly recommend Cesar Pinto!

Testimonial - Jude Foulston

Jude Foulston


He has totally invested in the success of our site...

I can't recommend Cesar enough to anyone looking for help with developing their membership site. Cesar has totally invested in the success of our site, spending hours researching and understanding our needs to begin with, providing us with such valuable advice from his own experience and guiding us through the development of the site step by step.

His work is impeccable, from both thinking the systems through, the design side and finding solutions to our different requirements. I can't sing his praises enough, it's been a privilege to work with him and learn so much along the way. 200% happy with our end product!

The 'tech' stack

Confusion. The first big obstacle of most entrepreneurs thinking about having a business online is not be clear about what tools to use. The gazillion options and disinformation make it a lot harder (odds are yet another shiny object is being launched as we speak), minimizing the chances of success.

Stick to the best ones out there, those that have been around enough to prove they work and were made by developers who stand behind their products. I have, and I would never recommend something I haven't used extensively on my sites and on every project I've been part of.

I have a very particular set of skills related to a specific set of tools for my work. These include (but are not limited to) working, primarily, with the ones mentioned below.

  • The Basics

  • Themes

  • Plugins

  • Software


You can't go wrong using either Name or Namecheap - choosing one or the other depends on the extension (.com, .us, .work, etc.) you're looking for.


I recommend SiteGround (GoGeek plan, very user friendly) or Cloudways (a bit more developer-oriented) because of their features, pricing, and support.

Videos & streaming

Don't host your videos on your site. There are many options these days, and for me, Vimeo is the most cost-effective solution, and Wistia is just the best one around.

Static Content

Amazon S3 is the best/slightly-techie option for hosting and securing your photos, PDFs, etc. Create an account (includes 12 months of free tier access).

There are some affiliate links within some of the tools listed above - I will receive a small commission if you click on an affiliate link and then purchase the product (if you don't want this to happen, please search for them in Google.) I would never recommend something I haven't extensively used. However, please ensure that these tools fit your particular requirements before buying.

(it means) experience and strategy

"For an online project to be successful, you only need two things," a book I read a long time ago said, "providing a solution to a certain problem and telling everybody about it." It sounds about right.

In the WordPress environment, anybody can install plugins, themes, use pre-made templates, etc. and have a website running in a matter of minutes. No biggie, just a matter of clicking a few buttons, and I've seen many individuals calling themselves 'full-stack developers' that do pretty much that. But there's a lot more to it.

Launching an Online Project

From choosing the right set of tools for the project to make them all work as a single unit, especially on membership sites, you do need experience. The more, the merrier. So you do to troubleshoot (you'll inevitably have to deal with 'tech gremlins'), optimize your setup as you grow, and offer immediate support to your members.

In the same vein, you don't need to break the bank to have a decent, functional site that offers a great user experience to your audience. I've seen small-budget projects grow, and big-budget ones fall very quickly, and the difference is always the same: strategy.

But the strategy is not only related to promotion and marketing - it starts with choosing the right set of tools and making sure they work just fine in conjunction. Making wrong decisions in this regard will only bring headaches in the future.

That said, if you decide to develop/grow your project using some of the tools listed above, which usually cover most of the possible scenarios, and need some help, please reach out. I will partner with you all the way, making sure it gets done right and runs smoothly for years to come.

If you're not sure yet about what tools would meet your particular needs, let me know, and I'll try to point you in the right direction - no strings attached.

Work Ethic

quality, not quantity

No gibberish, no lies. Best reputation comes from hundreds of satisfied customers around the world, and under that lens, you can't pretend to be something you are not.

you win, we all win

All this effort won't make any sense if it's not good enough to help others. Being successful in helping others has been the driving force to keep going since day one.

enjoy what you do

There has to be joy in whatever it is that you do. Personal satisfaction will always beat profit in the long run, although there's no rule against achieving both.

helping, not selling

Money should not be what drives you. It's collateral. Don't use marketing to pretend to be an expert or promising results: you get there with hard work and consistency.

My famous 'tech peace of mind' plan?

OK, maybe not that famous.
It's not for everyone, and slots aren't always available, but it might fit your needs perfectly.

It's a monthly plan, priced differently depending on your particular needs, and it's me taking care of everything related to the 'tech side' of your membership (updates, optimizations, dealing -if needed- with the developers of the theme, plugins, hosting, etc.) and helping you out with the site (landing pages, customization, tweaks, new features, optimizations, etc.)

Tech Peace of Mind plan

The plan is not based on the amount of work but the confidence of having me around: you might need me once a week or five times per day; it doesn't matter. I'll be there for you (even on weekends if it's an urgent matter and I'm around). Plus, you can learn how to do all these things with tutorial videos and cancel anytime with a click of a button.

I'm a one-person team, so I take care of everything personally (no sub-contractors or other people hired to do the job or offer support). All the communication occurs in a private Slack channel created specifically for your project, so it's easy for you (or your team) to go through the Q/A or follow the tutorial videos. You will own this channel, and everything will be safe there for as long as you need.

Interested? Let's discuss the details via email or Slack.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we chat in Slack? And why should we?

If you already have a Slack account, please click on this link and send me a message when you get to the channel.
If you have not used Slack before:
- Click on the link anyway.
- Use your Gmail account (preferred) to access.
- Click on the 'Create Account' button.
- Send me a message by clicking on my name.

For me, the main reason for using Slack is that everything is safe and available to check out (conversations, assets, files, etc.) anytime. Their free tier is usually enough, and I'd recommend getting both the desktop and mobile versions.

What do you need from me to provide a quote or start working?

A description (as detailed as possible) will be crucial to define a plan of action and the right tools for your project or if the ones you already selected are the right ones.

How long does it usually take you to complete and deliver a project?

It depends on the type of project. On average, my turnaround is 12-48 hours, but the pace is mainly determined by how much input the clients can provide about what they want.

How much do you charge?

There's not one single answer to this question. Every project is unique and quoted based on its requirements. To give you a fair quote, we need to get in touch and discuss these requirements first. I don't bill by the hour, nor do I recommend clients enter a technical project based on paying an hourly rate (don't sign up for a project where the final price is unknown or keeps increasing.)

Are there other costs involved besides your fee?

Only the ones related to the tools you need to purchase (and in the future, renew) to develop/grow your project, although becoming my client means you can use some of them for free but under my license.

Does my current site need to be offline while you are working?

Absolutely not.

Do you exclusively work with the tools mentioning in this page?

Yes and no. Although I have experience working with other tools, I primarily work with those mentioned on this page.

Do you have a 'demo' of your work?

Yes. I have a 'demo membership' built using Memberoni, MemberPress, ThriveArchitect, and ipBoard. Reach out if you want to take a look - it might give you some ideas.

What if I have some questions while you're working on the project?

I will record downloadable video tutorials addressing them for further reference. They will remain in the private Slack channel created for the project so you or your team can come back to them when needed.

Don't you stick around for a bit after delivering a project?

I do. I'll be beside you for two weeks after the project is delivered to answer all your questions and record tutorials explaining anything you want to know.

Can I get one-on-one help and support for my project?

Sure thing. My famous 'Tech Peace of Mind' monthly plan is available for you to join anytime. It's not for everyone, and slots aren't always available, but it might fit your needs perfectly. I also work on a task basis if the monthly plan is not for you.

Can I take the monthly support option for just one month?

Due to its nature, the minimum commitment is three months, but let's get in touch and discuss your particular needs. I'm sure we can come to a solution.

Can you replicate the looks and functionality of another site?

Probably, but odds are you'd need the help of a developer proficient in coding (PHP, javascript, etc., someone who could alter/extend the way the theme works), which, sadly, I'm not anymore.

Do you offer optimization services? My site takes too long to fully load

I do. Optimization is one of my priorities on every project I take. Note that speed mainly depends on your hosting package, so make sure to choose a good one.

I don't have any experience when it comes to websites. Will you still help me?

Of course! All you need is an idea of what you want to do online. If you can envision it, we'll work together and bring your vision to life. You'll learn how it all works while moving forward.

What if I need help on my site down the road?

Just get in touch. I'm only a message away via email or Slack (timezone: Central Time | EST-1 | GMT-5 | BST-6.)

Cesar Pinto

Helping online businesses and entrepreneurs since 2005

a little trip down memory lane...

  • First

  • Second

  • Third

"Nothing but a dreamer"

Cesar Pinto - How it all started

I remember those exciting days when I built my first blog (in Blogger). It was about music, chatting, and sharing, and it somehow got famous in a few weeks. Through the embedded chat, I met some people. One of them asked me to build a similar blog for her. So, I did. It was fulfilling to see how happy she was to share her own stories and music with the world and connect with her audience. We became great friends, but one day, I didn't hear from her anymore.

A few weeks later, a mutual friend told me that she had passed away. She had cancer, and I didn't know. My friend told me that she had been thrilled spending her last weeks interacting with the community in her blog. She was doing this from her small room at the hospital. Shortly after, I left my everyday 9-5 engineering job with a few savings and lots of expectations. I started my web development journey. I figured that if I could help others to connect and interact as I did with her and provide some happiness along the way, it would be worth it.

Testimonial - Tim McDougall

Tim McDougall


Efficient, reliable, and helpful...

Running a busy gym whilst trying to set up a sophisticated membership website is a daunting task. Having Cesar doing all the technical work has made this a reality. Cesar is efficient, reliable and helpful in every way imaginable.

I have worked with a lot of people over the course of my life in business and Cesar's professionalism is at the top of the list. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Testimonial - Pamela Mitchell

Pamela Mitchell


He cares about your business...

Cesar is one of the best developers I've ever worked with, and I've worked with a lot! He's helpful, patient, and an expert on all things related to Thrive Architect. Cesar's contribution goes beyond simply delivering a project; he cares about your business and thinks like a true partner.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone interested in building a site using Thrive.

Testimonial - Jack Griffin

Jack Griffin


I thought I knew what I was doing, but...

Cesar has helped me get my first membership site ready to launch. I thought I knew what I was doing, but Cesar showed me important changes to make in the way I was setting things up. This made big improvements to my site.

Cesar recorded quick videos to help me see exactly what to do. He is super responsive - very quick to get back to me when I had questions. I'm sure I will work with him again on my next project. Highly recommended!

Testimonio - Jennifer Beadles

Jennifer Beadles


He offered solutions that we wouldn't have considered...

Cesar went above and beyond for us. I'm so impressed by his knowledge in the area of memberships. We initially hired him for a one-time tech fix and decided to go with his monthly plan for on-going support, and I'm so glad we did. He offered solutions that we wouldn't have considered, and he optimized our existing setup.

I couldn't be happier with the results.

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Cesar Pinto - Kahlua


She's in charge of the security of the business, 24/7.

Cesar Pinto - Yahoo Hearts

Yahoo Hearts

Probably among the top 5 players of all time.

Cesar Pinto - Nada Bueno

Nada Bueno

First music blog, three times hacked, still standing.

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