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Tame or avoid the learning curve!

Don't things look so easy and simple after reading the blog articles, watching the sales videos, and checking the reviews and testimonials? Afterwards, you are pretty much sold, and deservedly so.

But the truth is that for an effective website, there is an initial and ongoing learning curve. You need to choose the right technology that works well together. In addition, you need to know how to effectively implement, manage, and maintain it. This comes by experience and extended learning curve.

The technology that I recommend will do a great job. I have researched, studied, and used everything that I recommend. I know firsthand that the companies stand behind their products, the people on the support forums are very helpful, and the tools play well together.

Time is a limited resource for all of us. We all have to make choices of what is the most productive and effective use of our time. Is it a wise investment to devote your time in learning how to use the theme, plugins, and other technology? Do you have the background and experience to know what works and what doesn't work? Is your time investment more valuable in learning and managing the technology or investing it in running, growing, and marketing your business.

I have the expertise and backgrounds to either implement your vision or help you along the learning curve.

Here are just a few of things in the learning curve to consider. This is just the tip of the iceberg of the technology learning curve.

  • What do I need to start my project? How do I fit all the pieces together?
  • How do I install and configure the theme, plugins, or forum properly? What do the various options and settings do?
  • How do I make my site look just like the demo I saw? How do I start adding and editing my own content?
  • What is a child theme? Why is it so important to avoid problems for future updates? Do I need custom code or updates to the "functions.php" file?
  • How do I know if my plugins and other technology will be compatible?
  • My site seems to be slow. How can I optimize and reduce the time that it takes to my site to load?
  • What do I need to create a membership site? How to choose the right set of tools for my project?
  • How can I build a sales funnel using Landing Pages and how do I fit the pieces together?
  • How do I set up and implement my auto responder in order to send emails to my potential and current customers/members?
  • What do I do if something stops working? Where do I even start to look?
  • What else do I need to consider to get the most out my investment?

Having Cesar on the team brings a lot of peace of mind

"Having Cesar on the team brings a lot of peace of mind. I know that if I need something Cesar will be there with the answer. Everything gets done quickly and gets done right the first time.

I love working with Cesar, he is a creative problem solver who makes my life easier."

BARRY MOORE - The Active Marketer

Overwhelmed? Looking for Direction & Peace of Mind?

  • I can help you implement your great idea for a website, a landing page, funnel or a membership, and everything in between. Let me show you where to start and how to turn that into an actionable plan.
  • My experience and expertise will allow you to focus on your business instead of spending so many hours trying to master the tools needed to build your community. Let me help eliminate the frustration you feel because you don't seem to be getting anywhere.
  • Let me help you make a great first impression with your website. I can take your site beyond the basic functionality of being up and running. Together we can get your website to look like you want it to.
  • With me on board, you don't have to worry about optimization, updates, plugins, and learning how everything works and fits together. You can leverage your expertise and time on managing and expanding your business.
  • My goal is to exceed your expectations. I do that by focusing on communicating, meeting deadlines, providing quality work, and then making sure the expected results are achieved. By doing this, your project will run smoothly where you can focus on growing and managing your business.

The realization of your vision

"We have a vision to liberate business owners from the chaos of working IN their business. We needed a powerful tool that allowed business owners to walk through a step-by-step online roadmap that provided them the equipment to spend time working ON their business vs. spending so much chaos time working "IN" their business. We brought a concept to Cesar and within a very short amount of time he had built the stage for what is the Business On Purpose Roadmap. Cesar works off of principle and thoughtfulness with his end goal being the realization of your vision. This guy is LEGIT!"

SCOTT BEEBE - My Business On Purpose

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"My goal is to help you create an online experience that transforms visitors into subscribers, clients, and members."

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